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Town Board

The Fish Lake Township Board of Supervisors consists of three supervisors, elected by the residents of the township in staggered three-year terms. Elections are held annually in March.  A chairperson and a vice-chairperson are chosen by the board annually.

What is a town board?

A town board is an elected body chosen to conduct the affairs of the town. In a traditional township, three supervisors comprise the town board and are supported by a clerk and a treasurer. Supervisors serve three-year terms, while elected clerks and treasurers serve two-year terms in towns with March elections.  The Fish Lake Township Clerk and Treasurer positions are appointed and not elected.


The powers and duties of towns and town officers are set out in state statute. There are optional forms of town government provided for in statute that allow the town voters to change the basic town board structure by: appointing the clerk and/or treasurer, combining the clerk and treasurer positions, adopting a five-member board of supervisors, choosing November elections, or use of mail-in ballots (provided your county approves).


What are the duties of a town supervisor?

By law, supervisors “have charge of all town affairs not committed to other officers by law.” Minn. Stat. § 366.01,subd. 1. Town supervisors are charged with the duty to make decisions on behalf of the town and have the responsibility to see that the town fulfills its duties to the state and to town residents. Common duties include awarding contracts, authorizing township expenditures, and adopting ordinances.


When are town meetings?

Board meetings are held at the Town Hall at 6 p.m. on the second Monday of each month. 

Township residents are welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings. There is a designated time for residents to address the board during every board meeting. If you have an issue that will need a formal board decision, please contact Clerk Andrea Nekowitsch by email ( or phone  (651-248-4968) to have your name listed on the agenda. Agenda items must reach Clerk Andrea Nekowitsch by 3:00 pm the Wednesday before the scheduled meeting.

Board Members
Seat #1

Donna Ferguson

Member since: 2023 Term expires: 2026

Seat #2

Jim Thill

Member since: 2020  Term expires: 2024

Seat #3

Bruce Fitzwater   612-232-9218

Member since: 2015   Term expires: 2025

Campaign Financial Reports

Diane Larkin-2015

Bruce Fitzwater-2016

Corey Johnson - 2017

Diane Larkin-2018

Bruce Fitzwater-2019

Diane Larkin-2020

Jim Thill-2021

Bruce Fitzwater-2022

Donna Ferfuson-2023

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