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Right of Way Permits

Complete application and return with

required supporting documentation to:

or mail with check payment to

Fish Lake Township

2170 Brunswick Road

Harris, MN 55032

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By clicking the above button you are authorizing a charge of $104 for a Right of Way Permit. 
Driveway/Access Permits

Fish Lake Township requires a permit prior to constructing any driveway access from a township road.


If you are building a new home you will need to obtain a township driveway permit prior to receiving your building permit from Chisago County. 


A Driveway Permit consists of a $1000 refundable deposit plus $125 admin fee.

An E911 Sign and Mailbox Post is also required for any new construction or newly assigned addresses

*Driveways off of a county road require a permit from Chisago County.

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By clicking the above button you are authorizing a charge of $1170 for a Driveway Permit
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By clicking the above button you are authorizing a charge of $104 for a E911 Address Sign
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By clicking the above button you are authorizing a charge of $156 for a Swing Arm Mail Box Post
Swing Arm Mailbox Posts

If you are replacing your current mailbox post, the township suggests that you replace it with a swing arm type style post. Swing arm mailbox posts are designed using a boom system, which swings the mailbox and post arm out of the way when impacted by a vehicle, snow, or any other solid object. After the impact, the mailbox returns to its original operational position with minimal damage to the mailbox and none to the post. Swing arm mailbox and posts can also mean the end of shoveling around your mailbox because the area is successfully plowed. Swing arms posts can be purchased directly from the township.

Burning Permits

The township does not provide burning permits, you must obtain your permit through a Fire Warden


The following link has answers to frequently asked questions relating to burning permits


Local Fire Wardens

Rush Point Store 763-689-1088  (Cty. 7 / Cty. 4)

Building Permits

Fish Lake Township does not furnish building permits. You must obtain your building permit from Chisago County Environmental Services.

Chisago County Offices

313 North Main Street

Center City, MN 55012


Ph: (651) 257-1300     Fax:  (651) 213-8876

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Environmental Services Dept. (Room 243)

Ph: (651) 213-8370     Fax: (651) 213-8385

Septic System Rules

Chisago County has adopted Individual Sewage Treatment Systems Standards Chapter 7080, and Chisago County Subsurface Sewage Treatment Ordinance 10-1. For a homeowner’s septic system care guide, please call 651-213-8372.


A perc test, specific design proposal, and septic permit are required for the installation, repair, alteration or addition to a septic system.


A septic tank must be ten feet and a drain field must be twenty feet from an occupied building. Septic systems must be located a minimum of ten feet from all property lines, including road right of way.


Septic inspections require a 24-hour notice, although cannot be guaranteed during the busy season. Inspections are not to be scheduled with inspectors or in the field. Their inspection schedule is set up and maintained at the office between 8:00 and 4:30 Monday through Friday. Please call Patty Perreault at 651-213-8371 to schedule inspections. You will always need the name, site address and permit number when calling to schedule. You may leave a request for an inspection on voicemail as long as you have complete information, but it will not be considered confirmed until you speak directly with a staff person.


Chisago County requires an inspection of the septic system be conducted by this office prior to the point of sale/conveyance of a property.  A new septic installation permitted and inspected by the county is considered to have a valid certification for five years. Older systems which have been certified by the county as being compliant are considered to have a valid certification for three years. No inspection is required if the system falls within one of the two above described parameters.

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