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Road Services

Fish Township maintains 60.3 miles of roads. In addition to snow plowing, you will see the Road Department doing culvert work, ditching, grading and roadside mowing.


The Township equipment list includes one grader/plow, one dump truck/plow, one 1-ton truck/plow, one tractor/mower - one mows the roadside and the other helps maintain the township grounds and cemetery, one packer to set gravel after grading, in addition to various support equipment.   Fish Lake does a great deal of its own maintenance thanks to a dedicated and efficient road department crew.


The roadways in Fish Lake Township are maintained by 3 separate entities:            


TOWNSHIP ROADS are maintained by the township.  If you have a concern and live on a township road please contact Gary Guse, Road Superintendent at (651) 674-7709.


PRIVATE ROADS are maintained by homeowners themselves.  


COUNTY ROADS are maintained by the Chisago County Engineer Public Works.  Concerns regarding plowing, dead deer pick-up or road repairs should be directed to the county office at (651) 213-8772.  


Chisago County Public Works is responsible for the efficient planning, design, construction, and maintenance of roads, bridges, and traffic control devices on the County highway system. The Transportation Division provides for the overall management, direction, coordination, and budgeting for approximately 373 miles of County Highways. The Division seeks and implements Federal and State Funding assistance for eligible projects and pursues cooperative projects with other governmental units. Partnering with contractors, utility companies, other governmental units and other project participants to ensure an efficient construction schedule is a primary goal of the Division.


Chisago County Front Desk/General Information: 651-213-8700     Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Mailing Address:

Chisago County Public Works

313 No. Main St, Room 400

Center City, MN 55012 


Public Works Location Address:

Chisago County Public Works

31325 Oasis Avenue

Center City, MN 55012


Township Road Map


What is the road right-of-way?

An easement exists, generally from the centerline of the road or street, 33' in either direction. This is the road right-of-way. The Township maintains the infrastructure within this easement which includes the road surface, ditching, culvert pipes and/or drainage structures.  


What is the purpose of ditches?

Ditches are for the evacuation of water from the road surface and the drainage of the roadbed to ensure the base of the road remains intact and does not become saturated which will in turn cause road failure.   Therefore, residents are encouraged to keep the ditch area cleared of large stones, fences, trees, and other obstructions. Obstructions in this road right-of-way may need to be removed for road maintenance or safety issues. It is important the ditches remain unobstructed.

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